samedi 8 mars 2014

[Wii U] Fuzzy Wuzzy Games décalle la sortie de Armillo à mai !

C'est par une triste nouvelle que la journée commence. Le studio Fuzzy Wuzzy Games vient d'annoncer via un communiqué officiel que le jeu Armillo est repoussé au 12 mai 2014, alors que la sortie était quasi imminente, le 24 mars approchant. Ce retard reste tout de même appréciable dans le sens où les développeurs souhaitent peaufier le jeu de manière visuelle, audio et corriger certains bugs éventuels. Yanni Fyssas, le sound designer du jeu, lui-même le dit après avoir commenté cet article...

Pour rester dans la joie et la bonne humeur malgré ce retard, je vous propose d'écouter cet extrait musical :

Voici l'annonce officiel faites par le studio Fuzzy Wuzzy Games :

The game was just about done with the submission date approaching.. But just when we were a few days off before sending our first submission build to Nintendo, a question was brought to our attention: Is this exactly the game you guys want to release out there? Our answer: Not quite.

So we're just asking for a bit more time to work on Armillo. Just over a month from our original intended March 24th release, aiming for our new release date of May 12th. So what do we plan to do in this time?

We want to redo some of our least received levels so that their quality is more consistent with the rest of the game. We're going to continue polishing up the game including the audio and visuals, and fix up any remaining bugs/issues that come up. We've enlisted a good number of testers who will help ensure our game's stability and also received some excellent feedback lately that we would like to put into action as well.

Armillo is running quite nicely on the Wii U system, which includes Off-TV Play, optional tilt control, and Wii U Pro Controller support.

Delaying the game will get that extra polish in there, and it will make us happier with the final product. We apologize for the wait, but hope it'll be worth it in the end.

Also, exciting news is that Emily Rogers is closely working with us on making sure the game is up to par. We hope you guys can look forward to seeing Armillo when it comes out in May!

Ci-dessous le dernier trailer en date :

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  1. Thanks Samy! The news is not sad, A-W-E-S-O-M-E ! Why ? Because we're doing so much more cool stuff for Armillo & the game will be sooooo much better as a result of the delay! Thanks for posting this and thanks for your support !
    :) Yanni https://www. / ArmilloGame

  2. Cool Yanni ! Thanks for the comment. The more important is doing your best for a best result and a better game !